Hawk Site-to-Site VPN

A fast, lightweight VPN securing your infrastructure.


Flexible, Reliable and Completely Secure

Using our patented Hawk Secure Communications Protocol.


Experience the Difference Yourself 

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Secure your network infrastructure with a fast, reliable and strong VPN

As an integral part of corporate infrastructure, virtual private networks (VPNs)  secure the transmission of data, voice and video between sites connected via the Internet. Hawk VPN provides exactly this, but with a little extra security.

Hawk employs FIPS compliant encryption algorithms to secure your data in transit. It uses our innovative and patented technology to enhance security by providing a series of one-time-use pass-codes, cyclic keys, and constantly changing encryption.

Key differentiators include: easy setup, central configuration, certificate-free installation and use, one-time passcodes, remote configuration capability, distributed authentication and much more. Contact us now for more information, or request a free trial version of the Hawk Site-to-Site VPN.

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Securing your enterprise infrastructure is simple...

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Select & Download

Contact Us now to request you free trial version. Download the Hawk Site-to-Site VPN Client and Server packages for Linux. Make one box your server and the other your client to secure communications between them.

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Install & Configure

Our comprehensive installation guides and install scripts make the deployment process simple. Install the client and server packages on your boxes - configure your network IP addresses - register the client with the server.

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Up & Running

You're done! Hawk Site-to-Site VPN will encrypt all communications between your client and server boxes using our unique encryption technology.

Try us and see the difference

Hawk uses cyclic keys, meaning we are always changing the encryption key. If it’s internal security you require, Hawk VPN Server can be fragmented into several parts enabling you to keep authentication and actual data on separate servers. No need for employees to have access to everything.